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My Story

Dr. Richara Richardson "Dr. Chara" is a transformational coach, educator, researcher, motivational speaker and mentor whose previous educational experience includes obtaining two bachelor's degrees in English Literature and African American Studies, a master's degree in Educational Administration and a Doctorate in Urban Educational Leadership at the University of Cincinnati where she defended her research "A Phenomenological Study of the Role Grit Plays in the Graduation Success of African American Male Alumni of the M.O.R.E. Program" in 2019.

Dr. Chara currently serves as a liaison for Families Forward assisting the families at an urban elementary school in the Cincinnati Public School district where she is responsible for the day to day operations of managing, supervising, and recruiting school-based partners to help meet the individual needs of students.    She also develops, implements, and sustains programs to increase student academic achievement, parental involvement, community engagement, and health and wellness for school families.   She actively serves as a board member for Mustard Seed Faith Outreach Services where she excels in her role as Vice President leading and connecting educational and community partnerships to this ministry.  

Dr. Chara has overcome several challenges in her life as a young single mother which is why she inspires to transform the lives of others by providing them with the tools to achieve their full potential.   She aspires to empower others with gained knowledge while using her past experiences to help elevate their mission.   Although she was unable to walk at her high school graduation that did not stop her from pursuing four degrees including a professional degree.  She also persevered as a young mother raising a daughter with chronic medical issues during her journey in college.   She was then charged with guiding her daughter through self-esteem and learning challenges as a young student, however, her daughter is currently excelling as a student in college.   Dr. Chara's passion is to educate and empower families in her community and she consistently seeks ways to increase academic achievement, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and money management for urban families and she passionately works to create programs to promote education and perseverance.

She has been very active in the community by providing leadership and character-building workshops to assist many underprivileged youth and families.   She has also coached several schools and community sports programs where she has helped students advance and succeed in challenging competitions.  She has organized several literacy and community engagement activities within the schools and community organizations.   She is the past recipient of the Black and Latino Achiever's Award and the S.T.R.I.V.E. Award for Excellence in Service, participated in programs such as the Alpaugh Scholars Leadership Program and has served as a lead team member during her participation in Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center "Rapid Cycle Improvement Collaborative".  She was also recognized by Cincinnati Public Schools for implementing an "Outstanding Tutoring Program" in 2018.  

 She is the mother to Rajah Shepard who is an energetic 19-year-old who is currently a junior at Central State University. 


For every nonbeliever, there is a believer rooting for you somewhere.  Don't give up, keep pushing!

My Vision & Mission 

VISION: Empower 2 Elevate Consulting, LLC's goal is to empower individuals by providing them with the tools they     

              need to improve their overall quality of life.  

MISSION:Empower 2 Elevate Consulting, LLC will inspire youth and adults to achieve their full potential by providing                    them with educational opportunities such as professional development and empowerment workshops,                            college preparation, mentorship, money management, and leadership training.

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